1. Read Me

1.1 Intro / Credits

1.2 Automatic (random) mode

1.3 Interactive mode (dialog)

1.3.1 Popup-Menu

1.4 Documented undocumented options :-)

1.5 Known bugs / limitations

1.6 Legal stuff

2. FAQ

1.1 Intro / Credits

Since Sonique now has over 200 skins to choose from, it's really hard work to change them from within Sonique (even if you have downloaded only half of them ;-). It takes lots of mouse clicks to reach Sonique's skin menu and then to scroll until you find the one you want.
And if you doubleclick a skin file in Explorer you have no preview.

That's why I invented SaSc!

  • Skin preview!
  • Select skin randomly or from a list
  • customizable background image and text color

Credits: Thanks to the Sonique team for making such a great app (esp. Nicholas Vinen who told me about the interface of the JPEGLIB.DLL that is installed with his Watervis plugin) and all Skin- and Plugin-makers out there!
Keep up the good work.

SaSc is packed with UPX, the Ultimate Packer for Executables. Visit to find out more about this useful and FREE tool!

1.2 Automatic (random) mode

Simply run SaSc. It will enumerate all skins, select one randomly and start Sonique.
If Sonique is already running, the current skin changes.

1.3 Interactive mode (dialog)

Run SaSc with commandline switch '/dlg' or press the special 'Context menu' windows key on your special windows keyboard while starting SaSc. You'll see a strange window with a skin list and a preview image of the current skin above it.
To change Sonique's skin, select one from the list and

1.3.1 Popup-Menu

If you rightclick anywhere in SaSc's window (except on the skin list itself) you'll get a popup menu with these options:

1.4 Documented undocumented options

SaSc saves its settings (background, text color) into the file SaSc.ini located in the program directory. You can make additional entries there to activate some "special" features that are (currently) not available from the menu.

To edit this file, open the popup menu and click into the blank space beneath the "Uninstall" entry. All entries are made in the section "[Settings]".

Note: If you create custom text colors in the text color selection dialog, they are also saved in SaSc.ini but you should not attempt to edit them herein.

These changes take effect the next time you start SaSc (and didn't forget to save SaSc.ini after editing).

1.5 Known bugs/limitations

  1. If SaSc is (partially) covered from a topmost window while initializing, the background of the skin list window will contain fragments of this topmost window image.
  2. Depending on your windows color scheme, the background of the skin list's horizontal scrollbar appears solid.
  3. Some skin preview images have irregular black pixels around them.
  4. You may have to reinstall your mouse cursor if you burn it at the torches.

    (Just kidding ;-)))

1.6 Legal stuff

This program is FREE: you are free to copy, use and delete it as long as it remains unchanged. If you feel that it needs to be changed, contact me!
However it may not be sold or changed in any way.

I'm not reliable for any damage this program does to your data, your hardware or your health.