is the short form for "Sonique automatic Skin changer", a little helper app for the best MP3-Player ever: Sonique !

Having a lot of skins I found it hard work to change them in Sonique with lots of clicking and scrolling.
So I decided to write a little program that makes things a lot easier (and looks cool, too!).
Here's a screenshot:

  • skin preview
  • customizable background image/texture and text color
  • select skin from list or randomly
So if you really want to get it now: click here to download SaSc!.exe (248 kB)

After downloading run the installer that puts SaSc in a subdirectory under Sonique and creates two links on your desktop.

To get further informations like an HTML-Version of the SaSc.txt and an FAQ, go to the help section.

For your suggestions, comments, flames, bug reports etc. visit the Forum or send them to this address:

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